Picture Of Smoky Mountains With Blue Screen

The Great Smoky Mountains are truly a thing of beauty. It makes an amazing backdrop for any photo up, ranging anywhere from engagement photos to senior portraits. However, the majestic beauty of the Smokey Mountains isn’t something you just walk into and snap a picture of. Taking a breathtaking portrait within the mountains brings about dozens of variables not experienced anywhere else in Knoxville, which is why it takes a skilled photographer who is intimately familiar with the mountains to capture the perfect photograph. The Knoxville Photographers offers you the perfect opportunity to create beautiful, lifelong memories, all at an affordable price.

The Beauty Of The Great Smoky Mountains

Photography is all lighting. The best photographers not only understand how to use lighting to their advantage but they know how to manipulate. With studio photography, it is possible to control 100% of the environment, but when taking pictures in nature, especially in the Smoky Mountains, there are all kinds of new variables introduced. For the less-skilled photographer, this can be a nightmare. But for a skilled professional such as those here at the Knoxville Photographers, it is embraced. It allows for exciting, one-of-a-kind photographs. With sunlight streaking through openings in the trees or the way a morning dew reflects off cast light, photography in the mountains is open to infinite possibilities. Best of all, your photographs will look completely different from anyone else’s, even if they were both taken in the same location.


An Intimate Knowledge Of The Mountains

Beyond the ability to control the lighting, we have an intimate knowledge of the mountains near Knoxville and have a handful of favorite locations. For someone new to the mountains it can take hours to find the perfect photography location, and that location may not even present itself without the best lighting. We have everything covered when it comes to that. We know the best locations and the best times of day for optimal lighting. Of course, we are also flexible and can shift when and where in the mountains if there is a specific tone or vibe you’re going for. We would also love to hear your input because maybe you have a special spot in the mountains that has an important meaning to you. Whatever it is, The Knoxville Photographers will worth with you in capturing the perfect photograph.

Set Up Your Smoky Mountain Photo Session Today

There is simply nothing like a beautiful photograph that takes place in nature. It brings a sense of calm to the photo while introducing new, exciting elements you simply cannot recreate in the studio, or anywhere else for that matter. If you’ve been dreaming of a Smoky Mountain photoshoot or you believe it might be the optimal destination for your senior portraits, engagements pictures, wedding photos, or any other event, the Knoxville Photographers are here to help. Now is the perfect time to set up your Smoky Mountain photo session. All you need to do is contact us at your earliest convenience. We can’t wait to work with you.