Picture Of Casey Family At Ritz Park

Your family is likely one of the most important things in your life, and it is important to cherish all the most special moments. At “The Knoxville Photographers” we’re here to help you do just that. Whether you are welcoming a new baby or your parents (or your own) 50th Anniversary, family milestones are not something to take lightly, and having quality photos to commemorate all these moments shouldn’t be something that is reserved for the wealthy. That’s why we are here to offer a wide range of professional photography options for your entire family and extended family.

Pregnancy and Infant Photography

For many families, celebrating family starts before children are even born. Many women feel deep love and anticipation during their pregnancies and want to have these first photos pf their experience. Others wait until the baby arrives to start filling their baby photo books or sending their friends and family these moments. No matter when you decide to start commemorating, our Knoxville Family Photographer is here for you to help capture all the best moments.

Child Photography

For some, marking a child’s years is done primarily through yearly photographs on “picture day” at their schools. But even though the photos are professional, they often fall short. With one shot only, photographers are forced to settle for nervous expressions, closed eyes, and outright rebellious faces from kids who are less than cooperative about the process. At “The Knoxville Photographers”, our family photographers see to it that children and parents both have a pleasurable 


experience. We have plenty of fun backgrounds for studio shoots as well as fun props to choose from. We also encourage you to bring special objects from home, or if you prefer we can do your child’s photoshoot at home or anywhere in Knox county, including our own natural smoky mountain backdrop. With our versatility, you’ll be sure to find photos that look great, even during your child’s awkward phase.

As your child grows, you’ll want to capture moments that are special in their lives. They can be pictured with their sporting equipment, musical instruments, ribbons, trophies and more. They can even show off some of their more simples pleasures, like riding their bikes or reading their favorite books. We aim to capture not only a moment in time that shows what your child looked like but who they were in that moment so you can relive all your favorites for years to come.

Fur Babies

Pets are part of the family too, with or without human “siblings”. Pets from parakeets to ponies are always welcome additions to any family photoshoot.

Grown-Up Family Photos

A family doesn’t stop with graduation photos, and it doesn’t begin just when a child is born. For some, being two halves of a couple is all the family they need. In addition, getting the “kids” together in adulthood at family reunions is a great way to celebrate how your family has evolved over the years. Our Knoxville family photographer will help you every step of the way.

At Knoxville Photographers we provide professional photos for a wide variety of situations and in locations throughout Knox County including Oak Ridge, Louisville, Lake City, Kingston and more. Find us in downtown Knoxville on State Street, next to Persona Pizza, between W Canon and Monroe. and we’ll discuss the best way to celebrate your family.with the right photo package for you.