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Knoxville Engagement Photographer Sessions

Our Knoxville Photographers provide services which are available in studio and throughout Knox County, Tennessee. Engagement Photography and Couple Photo shoots are two of our key signature services.

If you’re planning an outdoor photo shoot with a Knoxville Photographer, be sure to ask about the abandoned Tennessee Marble quarries around town. Once bustling operations, these sites are slowly being reclaimed by nature today. In their active days, Knoxville came to be known as “The Marble City,” even though the actual stone being harvested was in reality limestone.  Even so, these sites are some of most intriguing and beautiful spots for engagement photos and unique pre-wedding family portraits.

Hiring A Professional Engagement Photographer Creates Beautiful Memories

There are many reasons to hire a professional engagement photographer.  One of the most important reasons to have an engagement photographer memorialize your engagement is that these sessions give the photographer time to get to know you better. Engagement photographers know that many couples are not used to having someone follow them around, snapping pictures of what may feel like intimate moments that should be experienced in private. Having a pre-wedding photography session, or two, gives the couple an opportunity to see the professional in action, so to speak.

Why is this important? As your confidence with the photographer grows, you begin to relax and move more naturally, which means your pictures are more likely to reflect your love for each other and not the stress of trying to make sure every picture is perfect. A trial run helps prepare you for your wedding day.

A Professional Knoxville Engagement Photographer is Your Wedding Planning Partner

Hiring a professional Knoxville engagement photographer gives you pictures that you can use for your invitations, online wedding event pages, as table decoration for bridal showers and as gifts for relatives that won’t be able to attend your special day. And, let’s be honest here, no amount of samples of other happy couples getting engaged is going to really show you what your pictures will look like. Having a set of printed pictures to preview before your wedding day allows you to get a better idea about what your wedding photographs will look like. And, your Knoxville engagement photographer can give you tips and suggestions to prepare for the big day.

A skilled engagement photographer, one you like and trust, often becomes a lifelong friend. We’re anxious to meet you and get to know you and your family better. Whether you want to re-create the moment he popped the question, you would like professional family portraits for invitations and announcements, or just want to prepare for your big day, we have the skills and expertise to help you capture your emotions in pictorial perfection. We are currently booking engagement photo sessions for 2020 and 2021. Contact us to schedule a consultation or photo shoot.